Panthera Africa

Panthera tiger 2 300x250Panthera Africa welcomes every opportunity to network with people of all ages in order to educate and create awareness about the reality of many captive bred big cat facilities.  By engaging with the public we are afforded the opportunity to share our values, aims and future plans and so, broaden and enlighten people as to what true and ethical conservation is all about.  Through creating awareness we would like to pull in and draw people to our sanctuary so that they can experience first-hand what we stand for. Captive breeding needs to end. As Panthera Africa pursues animal welfare we are proud to offer the following credible services to implement the change we envision and propel; motivational speaking, educational packages for schools, hands on assistance for current breeding facilities wanting to change, animal communication and proactive involvement with human versus animal conflict.  We are all in the position to change our thoughts.

Our motto is ‘In unity there is strength’ – are you on board?


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