The DAFF Fisheries exhibition will hone in on the following to ensure that the public is well informed about the services rendered by DAFF:

• Protection of South Africa’s marine resources (Colourful and exciting ornamental exhibition display of recreational bait and shellfish collection)
• Food tasting - Promoting Fish as Food and as a rich affordable protein addressing food security in South Africa.
• Promoting Aquaculture development in South Africa in alignment with government’s mandate of ‘OPERATION PHAKISA’
• A firm favourite - A touch pool with live marine and fish species/animals
• Information brochures about :
• Mini posters on how to farm various fish species such as oysters, mussels, kob, etc. (as part of the developments in aquaculture)
• Anti-Poaching (Monitoring, Surveillance and Compliance)
• Information about the Small-Scale Fisheries sector
• Career awareness – Promoting bursary and career opportunities in the department
• Fish recipe booklets
• A host of information paraphernalia as hand-outs to the public.
• A Kiddies corner engaging the young ones with colour-in competitions and face painting activities which include prizes for the winners!


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