Eco-Marine (Conservation) Partners

 Learn & Explore: Above & Below. 

This theme encompasses the ocean as well as coastal and marine environments on land.

Although exhibitions will cover coastal habitats on the South African Whale Coast, our visitors are global.

• Our aim is to involve local people (citizen scientists) and future conservationists (young people) to learn and explore through interaction with product owners, scientists, researchers about their conservation related products.
• We have formed multi-stakeholder partnerships that complement global efforts to ensure all the displays are interactive aiming to enhance sensory awareness by prompting visitors to seek answers. Knowledge will ensure that ignorance is no barrier in participation when protecting the coastal and oceanic marine wildlife on the whale coast.
• The exhibitions are themed Above & Below, covering the various estuaries, ocean, mountainous and coastal habitats with information displayed on a comprehension level of small kids to young adults .We firmly believe that young people are not only the beneficiaries but also the drivers of change.
“You will only protect what you love, and you can only love what you know”


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