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Upcycled Bonga Bagz is made from of converting old or discarded waste materials into something useful like discarded truck tarpaulins, car safety belts and bicycle tubes re decorated with photo images printed on the front panel. Each bag is unique and can be admired and purchased at their stall inside the Eco Marine Tent. They are useful, beautiful and more desireable than the original products which would have otherwise ended up as waste and a burden to our environment.

BotSoc ( Hermanus Botanical Society)

BotSoc ( Hermanus Botanical Society)

The plants of the Hermanus coast are very different from those on the mountain slopes above. And the plants you find along the Cliff Path, from the New Harbour to Grotto Beach, vary as the coastline changes. . How do they manage to survive under very challenging conditions?
Come and visit the HBS table in the Marine Village. There you will be able to see, hold and examine many different plants in your hands. With the help of magnifying glasses, you can look closely at their amazing structure. And hands-on mini experiments will reveal many clues which will help to uncover the puzzle of life on the edge.

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